Blue Heron Radio.FM Program Schedule

The Blue Heron Radio program schedule consists of a 25 piece set of Japanese music approximately two and a half hours long.

Each set begins with an Ambient piece that is usually natural sound such as birdsong, ocean, rain, etc.
This is followed by 21 traditional Japanese musical works in different styles and from various regions of Japan.
The set closes with a track from a featured Japanese artist, followed by a track from a Japanese movie, and ends with a contemporary Japanese work.

There are no commercials, public service addresses or other announcements.

All music is played in scheduled rotation in compliance with U.S. Webcasting regulations.

Broadcast licensing requires at a minimum the 4-2-1 Rule for playing music.

  • Song Repeat – Every 4 hours you can play the same song by the same artist from the same album.
  • Album Repeat – Every 2 hours you can play the same album by the same artist but a different song.
  • Artist Repeat – Every 1 hours you can play the same artist, but a different album and a different song.

In actual practice, song rotation is managed to provide as much variety to the listener as possible while avoiding repetition.